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Why Are You Waking Up with a Sore Jaw?

So, it feels like you got into a fist fight last night, even though you KNOW you stayed in, maybe watched a movie and had some popcorn, and then went to bed. As you go through the day, the pain doesn’t subside—if anything, it seems to grow worse. WHAT is going on, you want to know? Well, there could be a number of things that are causing the pain. A thorough exam by your dentist and some x-rays can pinpoint the exact cause, but the most likely culprit is probably one of the following:

·     Sinuses

·     Toothache

·     Infections

·     Arthritis

·     Injury

·     Tooth grinding

·     Periodontal disease

·     TMJ or other problems with your jaw

How we decide to treat you is all dependent upon the source of your facial pain. However, below are a few of the treatment options you can expect:

·     Mouth protector

·     Muscle relaxants

·     Mouth exercises

·     Anti-inflammatory drugs

·     Antibiotics

·     Root canal therapy

·     Periodontal treatment

·     Extraction

If you feel like you’ve recently been punched in the face, or if your jaw has been in discomfort for some time, it may be time to call your dentist. Visit us at http://www.lakeshorefamilydentist.com/library/41/JawDisorders.html to see how we may be the team that can help you.

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