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Poor Oral Health Linked to Mental and Physical Decline in Old Age

If you’re a patient of ours already, you know that part of the reason we stress the importance of maintaining your oral health is because we believe that the connection between your mouth and your body is a strong one. Not only has poor oral health been linked to heart disease – and not only has periodontal disease been proven to instigate diabetes, and vice versa – but new research suggests that tooth loss is an early indicator of physical and mental decline in old age. This link appeared especially significant when researchers took into account a wide range of factors, such as age, gender, smoking, drinking, depression, physical health and, in some instances, socioeconomic status.

Moreover, researchers discovered a link between complete tooth loss and slower walking speed. When all of the aforementioned influencers were taken into account, and when tooth loss was added to the mix, it was discovered that people with none of their natural teeth left walked more slowly than those with at least some of their teeth intact.

Regardless of the reason for decline, tooth loss is an early indicator for faster decline later in life, and noticing excessive tooth loss early on could give people a chance to make the lifestyle changes necessary to possibly preserve their physical and mental health for a bit longer.

If you hope to preserve your physical and mental health into old age, a great place to start would be with your smile. Contact us at 651-429-3348 or at http://www.lakeshorefamilydentist.com/contact.html to see how our dental team can help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you want and deserve.

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