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Technology Doesn’t Eliminate the Need for the Human Element

We’ve all played video games with a friend or loved one and laughed when they complained, “Man, my guy is so slow!” or “This player cannot throw a ball to save his life!” In fact, we’ve probably all been culprits of such ridiculous comments at one point or another. And we say “ridiculous,” because that’s just what these comments are – ridiculous. It’s ridiculous to think that the fault lies within these virtual characters, when we’re the ones controlling them. And the same goes for all technology.

We previously posted a blog article on the importance of ensuring the safety of technology in the healthcare and dentistry fields. Following up on that not, we think it’s necessary to stress the importance of the human element, and the dangers of relying solely on technology to get the work done—especially when it comes to the health and safety of our patients.

While technology is tested over and over and over again – and then again – before it is implemented into any office or practice, the effectiveness of said technology is dependent solely upon its user. For instance, you can trust that we would never implement a technology into our practice without first carefully planning, fixing and updating our already existing procedures. Furthermore, we would never condone its use until every one of our team members and ourselves were properly educated and trained in the equipment first.

Safely utilizing technology in any field starts with creating sufficient policies and procedures for those who will be authorized in and responsible for the equipment. Again, you can rest assured knowing that, without a doubt, all equipment in our practice is operated only by team members who are educated and trained in the devices. On top of educating and training them, however, we also ensure that each team member is constantly looking for ways to improve safety, and that they know how to effectively monitor, discover and report near misses and errors to find the causes, and most importantly, how to avoid distractions.

To see why you can trust us to utilize our technology in the safest manner possible, check us out at http://www.lakeshorefamilydentist.com/

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