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We each have our own reasons for being on this planet, and we believe that ours is to change lives through dentistry—or even just through simple conversation. So many people are unmotivated to go to the dentist because they think that the dental office is a place of fear and reproach. They find it difficult to get past the Hollywood-driven stereotype of “cold, scary, easily offended” individuals who tell you what you can and cannot eat. We don’t know what your last dental experience was like, but we can assure you that, at our office, you will be met with nothing other than a warm, comforting environment, and smiling, friendly faces. We believe that by providing you with a safe place to get the smile you were meant to have, we can change lives and leave a positive mark on this world.

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But first, tell us: How do you intend to leave your mark?

You’ve all heard the saying, “A smile is contagious.” If you’re anything like me, you test this theory every day, and reciprocate when someone else seems to be putting this philosophy to the test. If you’re skeptical of this concept, just think back a week – or even a day: When that stranger smiled at you on the street, you couldn’t help but smile back, right? Or when you were having a horrible day last week and the cashier at the local super-market smiled and genuinely seemed to be interested in how your day was going, you couldn’t help but feel lighter when you walked out, could you? This is because smiling is a psychological reaction – a reflex action, really.

What’s in a Smile?

The act of smiling is really a form of greeting—a sort of “signal” that lets others know, “Hey, I’m not hostile.” In fact, research shows that smiling produces a sense of wellbeing and happiness, as well as has a positive impact on your health. When we smile, we are sending out positive vibrations. This positive energy in turn attracts positive people—the kinds of people that build you up and give you the courage to constantly learn and grow. Likewise, hostile individuals—those with negative energies—attract other negative people, people who hold each other back and try to knock each other down. This is why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who make it a habit of smiling, even if it’s just to reassure a stranger on the street.

People Inspire You, or They Drain You – Pick Them Wisely

However, more important than surrounding yourself with people who smile is surrounding yourself with individuals who radiate positive vibrations on a daily basis. Many of you may be familiar with the saying, “You are who you hang out with.” When you were younger, you didn’t quite grasp the meaning of this phrase, but hopefully as you’ve gotten older, you understand that the people you surround yourself with either lift you up or bring you down – they motivate you or they drain you – they support you or they criticize you – they make you laugh, or they make you cry. That being said, just as a smile is contagious, emotions are as well.

However, emotions are much more detrimental if not released in a positive fashion. In fact, emotions – both positive and negative – (also known as “emotional contagions”) can have such a great impact on your mood that they can either positively or negatively impact your work environment, productivity, teamwork, level of customer service, performance and even your home life in profound ways.

As some of us know all too well, even one negative employee in the office can pollute the entire team and create such a toxic work environment that business will actually go down. The negative energies of sour employees can spread like a cancer throughout an entire organization, until the visions and goals of a company are completely hindered by the lack of motivation, support and drive within it. If one negative employee is able to spread their bad attitude discreetly enough, they can sabotage the morale and performance of teams that actually have exponential talent and potential.

The same can be said for negative emotions in the home. If you are a negative person, your loved ones will pick up on that every time they are around you. It won’t take them long to realize the negative impact you are having on their lives, and they will actively try to avoid you. You will notice that they will begin to spend more time away from home, choosing instead to work longer hours or to stay at friends’ houses, until you start feeling the stress of your negativity as well – both physically and emotionally.

You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough…You will

Just like a smile can creep up on you in the streets, or how a good mood can attack after a pleasant interaction at the checkout, negativity can seize you when you least expect it and make it hard for you to shake. But so can positivity. You are not just a creation of your culture, but you are the creator. Your thoughts, beliefs and actions matter – your feelings matter – and the energy you share with others—both positive and negative—really matters.

You can be a negative contagion, or a positive one – it’s up to you. What you choose to be will make a positive impact in your work, your relationships and your life.

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As the dental implant revolution continues to explode, many people are asking questions. They want to know about the cost, how long the procedure might take and how long it takes to heal. All of these are good questions when you want to be informed about a life changing decision. When we lose a tooth we lose self-confidence and our true smile. Once we make the decision to get a dental implant, our lives can change. Many people experience increased self-esteem and a bright new smile with functional teeth.

The cost of dental implants varies for many reasons. Each procedure is as unique as the individual. For some, bone grafts are necessary, which could result in higher costs. Generally, the cost of an implant can range from $2,000-$4,000 per tooth.

The healing process also varies from patient to patient. Preparing for the implant might require multiple steps that need healing time in between each step. Generally, if a patient has healthy bone density, healing time can take 13-16 weeks. Most patients experience minimal down time and post-op pain. More extensive procedures may take a few extra days before returning to a normal routine.

In the past, there were only a few options to replace missing teeth; a dental bridge or dentures were just about the only solutions. Today there are many advantages to dental implants. Now, patients have the opportunity to have functioning teeth designed to match their natural smile.
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Are your gums too high or too low? We know it’s not something that people typically think about, but take a look in a mirror: Do your teeth look too small and your gums too big, or vice-versa? Are you unhappy with your smile? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be the perfect candidate for gum contouring.

Gum contouring – also called gum reshaping or tissue sculpting – is a cosmetic procedure that is done to even out uneven gum lines and give you the smile you’ve always wanted but didn’t know you could have. While gum contouring isn’t always medically necessary, it is a procedure that can give you the confidence you’ve always needed to go out and go after the things in life you’ve always been too ashamed to pursue. In this sense, gum contouring grants life in its own unique way.

However, gum contouring isn’t strictly cosmetic either. Individuals whose gums are to high often experience severe dental problems, such as decay and tooth loss. This is because, in extreme instances, the gums recede so much that the tooth’s root becomes exposed. Oftentimes, this recession is a sign of periodontal disease—the deterioration of the supporting structures of the teeth, gums and bone. When this is the case, patients undergo gum contouring as part of a necessary treatment.

Find out what causes uneven gums, why gum contouring is sometimes necessary, how much the procedure costs and what to expect from the surgery at

We’ve all played video games with a friend or loved one and laughed when they complained, “Man, my guy is so slow!” or “This player cannot throw a ball to save his life!” In fact, we’ve probably all been culprits of such ridiculous comments at one point or another. And we say “ridiculous,” because that’s just what these comments are – ridiculous. It’s ridiculous to think that the fault lies within these virtual characters, when we’re the ones controlling them. And the same goes for all technology.

We previously posted a blog article on the importance of ensuring the safety of technology in the healthcare and dentistry fields. Following up on that not, we think it’s necessary to stress the importance of the human element, and the dangers of relying solely on technology to get the work done—especially when it comes to the health and safety of our patients.

While technology is tested over and over and over again – and then again – before it is implemented into any office or practice, the effectiveness of said technology is dependent solely upon its user. For instance, you can trust that we would never implement a technology into our practice without first carefully planning, fixing and updating our already existing procedures. Furthermore, we would never condone its use until every one of our team members and ourselves were properly educated and trained in the equipment first.

Safely utilizing technology in any field starts with creating sufficient policies and procedures for those who will be authorized in and responsible for the equipment. Again, you can rest assured knowing that, without a doubt, all equipment in our practice is operated only by team members who are educated and trained in the devices. On top of educating and training them, however, we also ensure that each team member is constantly looking for ways to improve safety, and that they know how to effectively monitor, discover and report near misses and errors to find the causes, and most importantly, how to avoid distractions.

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